June 29, 2013

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Let's do this! I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade a bit early… but well-needed.

I love me some Colbie- especially her album Summer Sessions. I have an eclectic music collection to say the least, but acoustic always wins me over! Nothing like driving to school at [insert an obnoxiously early time here] in the morning with relaxing jams on and a coffee in the cup holder. (:
I am enthralled with this amazing blogging roller coaster!!! I took the picture below a few days ago, and I already have more lovely followers. The online teaching world can be dangerous because it is so addicting… BUT I could not be happier. I like sharing and reflecting all the wonderful happenings that go on in and out of my classroom/profession. Fellow teacher support means the world to me! So without further ado… THANK YOU! 
June has been a rough month for me and my family. My grandma had a brain bleed and a stroke… She is a fighter and has proven this for the past three weeks! Do you have that ONE person in your family that holds everyone together??? My grandma (or Nana as I call her) is the GLUE that keeps us intact at all times. She raised me when I was 6-10 years old… That is 1st to 4th grade! We then became "house buddies" again when I went to college. Her wisdom and encouragement throughout this teaching process has made me the teacher I am today! She is the reason I teach.
Okay… so I go back to my roots for the summer in Northeast Ohio! BUT my first grade classroom is in Northwest Ohio!!! Bummer, I know. With all the cleaning that goes on in my classroom and building during the summer, I am not missing out on much. Come late July and August… I will be snapping photos of my classroom makeover. Last year, I was in a building that sadly closed. LUCKILY… I will be teaching at another building! I am happy to say goodbye to desks and "hello" to tables (something I've always wanted)! Happy much?
With all of the Pinterest linky parties… I have to get a move on with the handmade projects! I have been working on my scrapbook sight word stones and just bought a special little item that will soon be featured here, but I need to do MORE!!! Here is something on my TO DO list. Click the pic to buy on Etsy. Does anyone else get Pinterest anxiety? (:
from Etsy.com
My tip/hint/trick for blogging is to give your munchkins credit! Yes… we do A LOT of work to make fabulous lessons plans, read up on new teaching strategies, and engage our students on a daily basis- BUT what kind of credit do you give your kiddos? There is no doubt that what we do in the classroom has a huge impact in test scores, academic growth, and so much more. I know that my kids have to put in an equal amount of effort to get there too though… So I am sharing a piece (for the 4th of July) that gives credit to my firstie. This student worked hard to listen to my minilessons, participate in buddy editing, and write from the heart.


  1. I'll be thinking of your Nana! My nana was the glue in my family too and I just loved to read that you call your grandma Nana too!

    And yes, slowly but surely your followers will come... I am less than a year in this blogging world too and yes, it is addicting and yes, I LOVE reading new ideas and meeting other teachers this way.

    Crayons and Whimsy

  2. Prayers for your grandmother for sure! Enjoy blogging it's been a blast for the short time I've been blogging. A great way to make new friends and learn along the way!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! Prayers for your Nana. Watching someone you love go through hard times is rough. & that flag poem is precious!

    Third Grade in the First State

  4. Prayers for your grandma and family during this difficult time! Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather


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