January 17, 2014

Winter Love Giveaway

So excited to be working with Kristen at Easy Teaching Tools to bring you some "Winter Love." This month has been SO crazy! Last week, I had five snow days… yes, five. With school days that now have to already be made up, I can't help but wonder how many more snow days are to come (It's only January). Ohio has not had a winter like this in a while! Enter this giveaway to win many fabulous prizes that will help keep you "warmed up" as a teacher for many more cold days to come. (:

Here is an expanded version of the product I am giving away!

 My sweet friends are insanely talented, holy moly!!!  I want all of this...like yesterday!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!


  1. Frozen is my new favorite winter movie. I absolutely adored it, especially the music. So good!

    Rooting for Third Grade

  2. I loved Frozen this past year. I may have to buy it :)
    My Second Sense

  3. My favorite winter movie: Ice Age

    susan k.

  4. I know Elf is a Christmas movie, but I consider it winter too. I also love The Five Year Engagement -- Winter in Michigan!!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher


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