June 24, 2013

Monday Made It- Scrapbook Sight Word Stones!

My first linky party ever! I am so excited to join many other fabulous teachers in sharing something that I made today. Click on 4th Grade Frolics button below to see all the other "Monday Made Its!" 
I thought of scrapbook sight word stones as I was thinking of different ways to engage my firsties in daily word work. Then... it came to me! The adventure started in my grandmother's backyard where she has a beautiful creek... with small STONES!!!

Here is what you will need for this project:
- Stones/rocks/pebbles
- Mod Podge (gloss)
- Magazines
- Paint brushes
- A pair of scissors

Prep: Find a magazine that you are willing to cut! Search for sight words and cut them out. I think it is fun to search for different fonts because we all know it is important for students to experience a variety of font types! Keep an eye out for patterns and colors too (you will need this for the background).

Step 1: Wash the stones and let them dry.

Step 2: Choose a stone to begin on... I made my decision based on the size of the sight word I was going to use. Coat the stone in Mod Podge using a paint brush. Begin to place small cut pieces of magazine paper onto the stone. Magazine paper is perfect for this project because it is thin and easily bendable. Coat the paper again with Mod Podge on top!

Step 3: Continue to cover the stone with colors and patterns. Feel free to use as much Mod Podge as needed... you can never overdo it! Carefully place the sight word on the top of the stone.

Step 4: Let the Mod Podge dry! As I say to my kids, "easy peasy lemon squeezy!"
I plan to post an updated picture of my scrapbook sight word stones when I am all done! Put these decorated stones to good use in your classroom by placing the stones in a cloth bag. Have each student pull one out of the bag and read it!

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