June 26, 2013

Ten Pin Linky- Math Ideas

Here we go with Just Reed's Ten Pin Linky Party! My pins are all in the general category of hands-on, centers, and games to practice first grade math skills. 

1.  I am totally getting my kiddos to play Shut the Box this year! It is wonderful to include both math facts and classic strategies into a game that has practically no prep time. After this pin, I created an account for this website {click here to join}!
from Spoonful.com

2. I can't help but share the Bump LOVE!!! This game has my first graders hooked and is always the "go to" center of choice. I have laminated a Bump game board for each month so I can offer this fabulous addition center all year long.
from Sunny Days

3. Although money is no longer a standard for first grade... I still felt the need to put forth this cute Piggy Bank game! So many people including myself requested and hoped for more Piggy Bank variations from Oceans of 1st Grade Fun (linked to this game) as the first one was created upon pennies and nickels only.
From Oceans of 1st Grade Fun

4. Among all of the BRILLIANT ideas brought to you by The First Grade Parade, I found this one math game special. Students must line up numbers with different representations in a sensible order to solve the puzzle. Check out Cara's "Our Week in Review" post to snag you own copy!!!
from The First Grade Parade

5. HALFWAY THERE! Quick Math is a game that can be modeled once and done. This game interests me because it displays a way for students to think about math problems backwards- in this case addition. A student shouts out a sum, while the "little helper" erases a problem that corresponds with that sum. Simple, yet purposeful!
From Teaching Blog Addict

6. Dunk It Dominos! I guess my mind is focused on the beginning of next school year as my pins are all basic addition games!!! I have used this hands-on game with my firsties in the past, and they loved it. It provides my mathematician students to quickly understanding by looking at the numbers and dunking the domino in the correct sum cup. On the other hand, it allows my students who need more guidance to physically count the dots before dunking.
from The Happy Teacher

7. This game not only caught my eye because of how easy it is to make, but because of the math manipulative used. I do not know where I have been... Why haven't I ever seen the Ziplocs used as an interactive number line before??? So clever!
from Finding The Teachable Moments

8. When observing second grade, I saw this activity used frequently. I think the sooner students understand the 120 chart the better. I plan to cut out bigger hunks and chunks to make this activity a bit more developmentally appropriate for my first grade munchkins.
from What Happens in First Grade

9. Need a cross-curricular activity to go along with Duck for President by Doreen Cronin? Give students this game board, two markers, and a die to play. I have seen this game in action with just one die, and I believe it adds more complexity... in a good way! Roll the die, double it, add one and move the marker that many spaces. First to 120 wins. Download this freebie from TPT HERE to see what happens when you land on the farmer!
from Rulin' The Roost

10. Can't have a Ten Pin Linky Party without TEN PINS... literally!!!! What the Teacher Wants hit the head on the nail with Subtraction Bowling. Subtraction centers are hard to find, and this center has the best of both worlds. Nothing like working those fine motor skills and subtraction skills at the same time!
from What the Teacher Wants


  1. These are fantastic ideas! Thank you for sharing. I'm your newest follower!

    First Grade Magic

  2. What a great idea to use a ziploc for a number line! Great pins!



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