July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday- Seven for Me!

Another time to link up my "I ADORE" pins with Cara at The First Grade Parade! I have seven pins to share today that are a bit random, but always necessary.
Pin #1- This has been on my board for quite some time now, but I am dying to do this with my kiddos this year! Since I have been better at snapping pictures, I think I can manage a classroom timeline. The one below is a timeline used in the high school setting. This can be easily adapted for elementary!!! I love that the timeline is actually one a line… pictures and events can be added and rearranged without having to do too much work.
from Satori Smiles
Pin #2- iCandy handmade thought of this brilliant idea to go on a wild alphabet hunt outdoors as a birthday party activity. I thought this would be perfect to start the school year off in first grade! Instead of having my firsties look for the actual letter, they can draw or write something they find in the room that begins with that letter. What a SUPER variation of "Write the Room!"
from iCandy handmade
Pin #3- Objectives and I Cans are right around the corner… I NEEDED this. I am thinking that I may actually like the idea of writing the "So that I can…" and "I'll know I've got it when…"  in dry erase marker more than preprinting them. Probably will create a printable pdf of the I Cans though. (:
from New Haven Independent
Pin #4- I totally want this in my classroom!!!
from Emily A. Clark
Pin #5- I had a dreamcatcher once as a child… aren't they beautiful??? I thought this would even fit into my classroom with saying, "Let's keep out the bad memories and only make good ones." However, this would still fit right into a social studies unit or Native American folklore… hmmmm. (:
from Gramfeed
Pin #6- AHHHH!!!! Just what I am looking for! I am moving apartments in August and now have two bedrooms. I have high hopes to change the second space into a classy crafting room! I just love large, natural wood tables not to mention the cute metal storage bins.
from Nest Pretty Things
Pin #7- Inspired by organization much?! The 3-tier storage baskets have been flooding up Pinterest, and I can see why. The only problem… I have enough stamps and ribbon spools to fill at least five! Regardless, I look forward to organizing my crafting supplies!
from The Cottage Chick


  1. Hi Britney! I love all of your crafty ideas! I nominated you for an award before I saw that you had just been nominated. Sorry about that, but kuddos on your blog anyways.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. I LOVE the timeline idea! I've wanted to try it in the past too, this year might be the year! :)

    Love your super cute blog!
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers


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