July 13, 2013

Top 8 Books that Teach Character

Linking up with First Grade and Fabulous while there is still time to share my selections for teaching character! Did I mention that I LOVE children's books?! Remember to click on any picture to visit the Amazon source.
#1 "It's okay to be scared"
This is a great spin off of the original Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt. I just love the illustrations as they often involve diagrams and lists! This is the perfect book to read to teach students to face their fears and expand their horizons in the classroom. The obvious humor makes it all the more entertaining! Did you know... Scaredy Squirrel has his own website AND Scaredy Squirrel is featured on Cartoon Network!!!
#2 "Sometimes we give, and sometimes we take"
Even though The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is sad, it teaches so many wonderful lifelong lessons. In a world that thrives on goods and services, this book really hones in on what matters in life. It helps students look at friendship in a whole new perspective too. I cannot wait to connect this to being a bucket filler and bucket dipper!
The original video by Shel Silverstein himself!
#3 "Think outside the box"
Not a Box by Antoinette Portis can also be found on YouTube. This book reminds me of the essence of youth… IMAGINATION!
& a pin to go with it!
from First Grade Wow
#4 "Guilt is a sign of morale"
You cannot go wrong with Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes… What a better way to teach guilt in a positive way than displaying how Lilly (the DIVA) deals with these feelings herself? Learn more about Lilly and download activities to feature this star of a character [HERE].
#5 "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
It is nice to be beautiful both inside and out, but Tico learns that it doesn't matter what other birds think! Tico and the Golden Wings by Leo Lionni helps my students think about random acts of kindness and  its impact on the community at large. Tico sets a great example that tells readers to dig deep into what makes you… YOU! Don't you just love that?
#6 "Hard work pays off"
The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle is a favorite of mine because it has so many repeated lines… so great for younger readers! The spider in this book has many remarkable qualities that can be easily passed along to my firsties such as hardworking, diligent, focused, persistent, concise, and BUSY (like ME)!!! So many cross-curricular resources like emergent readers at Making Learning Fun
#7 "Dream and hope with all your might"
Many teachers and parents have never heard of this book, which is why I MUST share and expose this fabulous read! I found this at a Big Lots a few years ago and fell in love. Helen Ward created such a wonderful foundation for celebrating hope at any age in The Tin Forest. An old man who lives in a metal junkyard dreams and hopes every night that his lifeless garden will transform into a lively forest. Sometimes… just sometimes… dreams do come true!
#8 "Bravery above all"
Sheila Rae, The Brave by Kevin Henkes is great for firsties… I like the little ways that Kevin Henkes creates such a solid character for Sheila Rae at the beginning of this story. As we learn, we cannot assume what has not yet happened! Louise, Sheila Rae's little sister, knows a thing or too! Aren't younger sisters the best? I know mine are. (:


  1. LOVE Scaredy Squirrel!!!!
    We just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Come on by our blog to pick it up!

    Maria and Em
    Curious Firsties

  2. Great book selections! Thanks for linking up! :)
    First Grade and Fabulous


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