September 4, 2013

Reading & Writing Workshop

I totally dropped the ball and forgot to link up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, but I will link and share my plans anyway! SO much to do in so little time, but to liven the spirits…
You can say that again!

Here are my plans for/from this week! I became so inspired by so many other fabulous teachers and bloggers to make my plans both visual and written. It definitely makes the planning process a little bit more fun!!! Click here to download the pdf of my plans too!
As I started reading workshop, I discussed what good readers do and created a read to self anchor chart that fits in with Daily 5. Instead of showing you my not-so-hot handwriting and drawings, I created these pictures to display what I wrote with my kiddos! I encourage my students to read the same text more than once as it goes along with close reading and CCSS. I told my firsties that it is like watching your favorite move! Every time you watch that same movie again, you notice something new or different. Maybe you even laugh at a different part! So I promise I am not rereading read alouds just to skimp on my lesson plans!!! As we reread stories worthy of rereading (of course), we will pick up on different aspects, authors' purposes, and the tiny pieces that help bring a text together. Happy reading and writing!
For writing workshop, we decorated folders to represent our "heart maps." To further our thought process on small moments, I created a document for students to draw mini-illustrations as a brainstorming activity! This worked great as my firsties go through so many writing pieces at the beginning of these year since we are not even close to editing. Click any of the pictures to snag your copy for FREE!

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