October 26, 2013

It has been a WHILE...

The school year has been quite busy, and my blog definitely shows it! Fear not… I am here to share many things with you! Let's get started shall we? For those of you who downloaded recently, I RE-updated a few of the files as they were blurry. (:

We worked on graphing early in the month! Needless to say… we ate A LOT. HA! Snag this graphing FREEBIE by clicking the picture below! AND don't forget to click HERE for some graphing assessments. Enjoy!

 We also worked on the hard /th/ digraph! Snag this graph below along with a hard /th/ witch hunt worksheet by clicking the picture below.

I love this idea! I cut out a cauldron and created some fun ingredients to add to our pot. I use this as an attention getter & retelling practice activity! We all stir our own pretend pots together and add the ingredients (making noises of course). Click the picture below to get your own ingredients too. (:

No freebie on this one, but I just HAD to share it! Inspired by the book, The Five Love Language of Children, I created a "Class Love Tank" to ensure the ideals of quality time. We earn hearts by getting a compliment from our specials or by having a great day. Once we have filled up our Class Love Tank, we can use the fuel for quality time. Some of the ideas we came up with include making a class mural together, extra Daily 5 time, and playing an inside game. We talked about how quality time requires all of us participating & never costs money. It's a win win! (:

Fire safety week was not too long ago, and I read this book with my Reading Workshop group. After reading, we thought of other words to add. Click the picture below to get this FREEBIE & 2 fire safety themed math pages!

 I uploaded this FREEBIE on my TPT store! It is a "Math About" book, which so happens to be about the sun. View this fabulousness here. See my October "Math About" book series here for only 2 dollars. These four books are 8 pages each with a twist of science and/or social studies! YAY for cross-curricular teaching.
 Thank you to my mom! She bought each of my munchkins pumpkins to paint! We carefully planned what our pumpkins would look like as well as listing the materials we needed. The next day, we followed through with our plan and painted! Can you say MESSY? On the third day, we wrote a letter to someone special telling them about the fun we had. Grab this FREEBIE by clicking any of the pumpkin pictures below! We also wrote our own pumpkin pie recipes! I let my students choose which amount and measurement they thought was accurate for the various ingredients in the pumpkin pie recipe. Surprisingly, they were not too shabby. Take this idea into your own hands by clicking here.

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