November 21, 2013

Non-Standard Measurement

We have been working hard to understand non-standard measurement through the many wonderful activities, stations, and lessons out there! Many people wonder why non-standard measurement is in CCSS, but I can see how it best prepares young children to understand the steps taken when accurately measuring. I love that non-standard units require the act of truly budding each object/unit up against one another. This helps students to understand the ideals behind "actual measurement" and/or "true measurement." Here are some online resources I found that were extremely helpful and theme related (always a bonus)!

As homework, I like to create simple ways to practice whatever skill we are learning in the classroom. This could also be used as an in-class activity. Here is Turkey Measurement for you to have! Click the picture below to grab your copy.

We had tons of fun measuring the teacher! Do not fret… I did not have to lounge on the ground while kiddos lined up objects head to toe (awkward)! INSTEAD… I had myself traced on a piece of paper prior to the lesson. This silhouette was then used for students to measure. See it wasn't so bad! (:

Click below to snag this freebie too.

If you want to get more non-standard measurement stations, check out my 7 Thanksgiving Themed Math Stations packet on TPT. It has FOUR stations dedicated to non-standard measurement & THREE stations created to practice and review addition. Here are a few snapshots of one of the stations "I'm a Tall Turkey!".

Download the preview to see all of the files below in a larger scale. Click the picture below to take you to this product.  Happy EARLY Thanksgiving!

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