November 2, 2013

Teens and Tweens

I LOVE this beautiful fall weather!!! This week in first grade, we worked on recognizing, composing and decomposing teen numbers! Some websites like to consider 10 and 20 teen numbers because they are a bundle of ten, but I focused on numbers beTWEEN 10 and 20. I have much to share and tell. To start out, I must share the wonderful website that truly gave me so many of the ideas I used this week with my first graders. I love how developmentally appropriate the hands-on learning lessons are (I recommend you stop by and visit).
Click the picture below to grab this modified well-known song/poem to reinforce teen numbers!
 We also compared bats and spiders this week! I try so hard to make our learning experiences as cross-curricular as can be! I created this "Batty for Teens" center for my students to use, and they LOVED it. Click the pictures below to get your copy for free! 
Another center I made, but forgot to snap a photo of! Use these teen spiders to practice recognizing different ways to represent teen numbers. This center is also a great tool to use for students who need more of a challenge! Click the picture below to snag it for free. 
To finish up the week, I gave my kiddos this assessment to see if they truly understood how to properly fill a doubles ten frame and write teen numbers. Click the picture below to grab this freebie. YAY for free resources!
 On Halloween, we practiced recognizing short vowel sounds by completing this Halloween Sounds worksheet and Halloween Phonemes. Click any of the pictures below for these freebies too. (:

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